If you miss your first premium, you will no longer be covered. We will cancel your policy immediately, but you still have two options:


1) Start from scratch

If you wish, you can take out a new policy and go through the onboarding process again.


2) Activate your canceled policy

To do this you'll need to have paid the outstanding premium within 30 days of the original due date. 

Please note: If you choose to pay the outstanding amount on your next billing date, this will be a “double” debit order, including any pro-rata amounts (if applicable).


Missing a premium, after you’ve paid your first premium.


Let’s say you’ve paid your first premium (or you've paid many premiums), but you happen to miss a premium thereafter: in this instance, you’ll have 30 days after the date on which your premium was due, to make payment.


We'll cover you during the 30-day grace period, but if payment is not received in full within the 30 days, your policy will lapse, and we will not provide any further benefit.