When will my cover start?

You're covered from the moment you accept your policy. That means, even if you haven’t paid your first premium yet, you're covered, provided the first premium is received within 30 days.


How often are premiums paid?

Premiums are paid monthly in advance. This means the premium for a given month must be paid on or before the 1st of that month. The only exception is for the first premium for the period starting from the day we accept your policy up to the end of that month. The premium for this period will be collected together with your first premium, and will be on a pro-rata basis.


When will my first payment go off my account?

It's up to you. You have 3 choices. Choose to have your account debited at the beginning(usually the 1st), middle (usually the 10th), or if you'd prefer, towards the end of the month (usually the 20th). Depending on what you choose, we'll debit your account on the upcoming date. 


Depending on when you take out your cover during the month, the premium amount will be pro-rata. This means that you will need to pay the pro-rata premium together with your first premium. For example, say you signed up for your policy on 15 January with a recurring monthly premium of R100. If you choose to pay on the 1st of every month, your first premium will be collected on 1 February, and will be R150. The  R150 comprises the recurring monthly premium of R100 for February plus a pro-rata amount of R50 for part of January (for cover enjoyed from 15 January when you took out cover to 31 January). 

Remember, you're covered from the get-go*. So, even though your first premium has not gone off yet, you're covered from the moment you accept your policy (15 January in this example).

*Cover is subject to Terms and Conditions as specified in your policy documents.