Underwriting is the process insurers use to determine your risk profile. This helps insurers to know what cover you qualify for, as well as the appropriate premium to charge based on your unique profile. For example, underwriting may involve asking health and medical-related questions to determine how healthy you are. The healthier you are, the more reasons we'll have to offer you insurance.


We'll start the application process by asking you 4 health-related questions. This way, we'll know whether or not you are eligible for cover. 


Underwriting takes place at the very beginning of the application process with EasyProtect. When your loved ones put in a claim, it is at this point that we'll investigate the information you gave us initially, to determine the validity of your claim.


It is important that you are honest with us during the application process. Not only are we able to ensure that we are making you a suitable offer, but you also won't then run the risk of losing out on the cover you took, should things not add up.