To make a claim, the claimant (person submitting the claim) would need to download and complete the claim form. The claim form may be downloaded from here. Then, gather all the relevant documentation required to process the claim. We usually ask for the following documents: 

● Certified proof of identity of the beneficiary 

● Certified proof of identity of the deceased 

● Proof of your bank account into which we'll pay the money 

● Certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased 

● Police report if the cause of death is unnatural, accidental, or suicide 

● Copy of BI-1663, DHA-1663, or BI-1680 documents 

The completed claim form and required documents must be sent to us via e-mail (at Remember to include the policy number in the subject line. We’ll let the claimant know if we need more information.

When will the money from the claim be paid? 

Once we receive all the necessary documents required to assess the claim, we will pay valid claims as soon as possible thereafter. We aim to pay valid claims within 14 days of receiving all the necessary documents. However, this can be longer if the circumstances surrounding the claim are complex.